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Introduction to Radiant Mind, by Jan Hodgman

Recognizing Our Ultimate Nature January 19 and 20, 2013 – Anacortes, WA Join Jan Daiyū Hodgman for a weekend at the end of the spiritual path—resting in the ground of pure being—while being fully engaged and connected with each other. […]

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Selflessness and the Mandala of Pure Perception

By Peter Fenner, Ph.D. The buddhas teach that there is a self, that there is no self, and that there is neither a self nor the absence of a self. Nagarjuna The flower’s perfume has no form, but it pervades […]

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Presencing Awareness

Peter fenner interviewed by Tami Simon Listen to the audio recording of this interview of Peter Fenner by Tami Simon or click this link to download it on you computer.   Tami Simon: […]  You mention people using the phrase […]

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