Radiant Mind Course

Our core offering is a 9 month course called Radiant Mind. The course addresses the fixations—beliefs, reactions, and habits—that produce and perpetuate suffering at a personal level. The course shows people how to dissolve and “see though” the obstacles to peace and freedom, without needing to radically change the circumstances of their lives.

We cultivate nondual presence in a natural way, that’s integrated with the complexities of daily commitments. This opens the way for every aspect and dimension of our existence becomes a unique expression of freedom and transcendence. Radiant Mind arises when unconditioned awareness radiates through the totality of our conditioned existence. When we live in radiant mind we experience ourselves as a unique human being, at the same time resting in a unified expanse of centerless and boundless awareness.

Radiant Mind blends the liberating power of nondual wisdom with the intimacy and psychological depth we find in Western counseling and therapy. We combines the ultimate view of Asia’s most refined nondual traditions and the finely honed skills of Western psychology.

The course works at the “result level.” We reveal unconditioned awareness through a process of incisive inquiry and natural contemplation. We do nothing more, and nothing less, than what is required to rest confidently in the radiance of pure being. We accomplish this through refined forms of contemplative inquiry that leading us directly into the space of spontaneously arising, nondual presence.

This course itself is based on workshops, group conference calls, paired processes—by telephone or in person, audio resources including guided contemplations, readings, and individual mentoring calls. In Radiant Mind there’s no need to take time out from worldly commitments or go into long-term retreat. We create many opportunities each week for people to rest in pure awareness, and have this infuse their lives.

The sublime purity of transcendent insight is identical with the natural spontaneous purity of the countless configurations that present themselves as the universe in all its multidimensionality.


Buddha, Perfect Wisdom Scripture