Teacher-Student Relationships

Man: One of the things that has struck me during the course is how you say very little about the teacher-student relationship even though you’re teachers in your own right. You seem to work creatively in balancing any projections we might […]

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Natural Meditation

Because it is devoid of any innate substance, meditation does not exist. The act of meditation is not meditation. Because it is neither substance nor nothingness, meditation cannot be a conceivable reality. — Kalachakra Tantra Peter: Those of you who have […]

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Why do I exist?

Peter: It is probably safe to assume that you are here this evening because you believe there is some knowledge or insight you could gain, that will help the quality of your life, even though you are no doubt familiar […]

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Stuck with bad genes

Participant: Can you describe what the Intrinsic Freedom course is about? (Now called Radi- ant Mind Course) Peter: Essentially what we do in a course is create an ideologically neutral environment that allows your own individual way of constructing the […]

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Am I getting this right?

Peter: Normally when we engage in a course, or a retreat, we do so with an expectation that our participation in the work, exercises, processes, and so on, will bring us closer to “it”. We attend the course with the […]

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Exacting work

Peter: As we draw close to the end of the course many of you are moving in and out of an experience in which you can’t say whether what you are doing is meaningful or not. You are arriving at […]

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The missing key!

Rob: The last time I attended a day with you I had a really strange experience. Right at the end of the day I asked you a question. I’d been wanting to ask it all day but I only got […]

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Neither mindful nor mindless

The mind is to be let loose without directing. Sustaining mindfulness is cast away without objectifying it. The mind is left in its ordinary state without meditating. Thus, with nothing controlling it, the mind is joyous and at ease. Gampopa […]

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In Hot Pursuit of Egolessness

by Peter Fenner Most spiritual paths suggest that the ego is the source of our suffering and the enemy of true wisdom. The ego shows up as a constant and nagging obstacle to the development of a truly free and […]

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Getting “it” and losing “it”

Anne: I’m feeling bored with what we are doing right now. I want to actually do this work, rather than just describe what is happening for us in this room. I want to do get into my fixations. I want […]

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