Radiant Mind, centerless being

An interview of Peter Fenner by Leo Drioli and Enza Vita from InnerSelf You spent 9 years as a Buddhist monk, how was that and why did you decide to become a lay teacher? I became a monk when I […]

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Interview with Gary Smith of Evolutus PR – June 2009

Gary: How would you define surrender? Who or what is one surrendering to in your opinion? God, Universe, Self, Soul, What Is, present moment…? Peter: Generally, the way that I see things, such as the notion of surrender, is inspired […]

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Radiant Mind – SENTIENT TIMES Feb/March 2008

Radiant Mind Interview with author Peter Fenner By Carrie Grossman Whether it is called enlightenment, pure awareness, or the “unconditioned mind,” there exists an awakened state of pure liberation that is at the heart of every contemplative tradition. Peter Fenner, […]

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Unconditioned Awareness: Exploring the end of all seeking

Excerpts from a dialogue with Peter Fenner at the Omega Institute July 2006 Peter Fenner: My understanding of being, in the way that it’s understood in eastern traditions like Buddhism and Hinduism, is that being doesn’t exclude anything, because it’s […]

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The Wizard talks with Peter Fenner

WIZARD: Peter is a living Arunachala. […] So Peter, of all those we’ve met thus far, I feel you’re unequalled in your capacity to demystify the mysterious changes that take place in a person who’s called upon to extricate him/herself […]

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