Integrating the Personal and the Transpersonal

Although people desire the non-dualistic and limitless (awareness, they make a) limit out of that which is not limited and thereby constrict the essential mind itself. Even though people desire (the realization of) both (the transcendent and relative) realities they […]

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Dismantling fixations

by Peter Fenner People who have participated in the Intrinsic Freedom program enjoy its unique capacity to create an experience that is free from conflict and confusion. They also appreciate that the work is subtle. At times it is so […]

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Beyond Practice

by Peter Fenner During the Intrinsic Freedom course many people have a clear and thorough experience of presence. Participants enjoy a state of presence that is self-maintaining and which doesn’t need any further cultivation. Presence is experienced as a natural […]

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Caught in the Here and Now!

by Peter Fenner Do you oscillate between thinking: I need help – I don’t need help This is a real problem – I’m just making this up I need to try harder – Trying harder just gets in the way […]

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Is there a “best practice”?

by Peter Fenner How much time do you spend wondering what is the best thing for you to be doing in the present moment, or at some time in the future, or what you should have differently in the past? […]

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Complete Fulfillment (Dzogchen)

There is no need to reject or appropriate anything, or to refute or establish any position, because reality is unbiased. This is Complete Fulfillment – the optimum peak of all spiritual perspectives. Longchenpa In different ways we all seek an […]

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Being with emotional energy

by Penny Fenner Emotions have a direct way of communicating to us, and as such their power can be very valuable. They can alert us to what we need to attend to. They can wake us up and remind us […]

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Natural Silence and Profound Unthinkability

In Java, Indonesia, there are mystical communities who spend time silently together after an evening meal. They do not meditate, nor do they ‘relax’ or snooze. Rather, they sit attentively together in shared silence, just being with each other in […]

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“If I had the time, I’d be like the Buddha!”

One of the common things I hear from people when I’m running a workshop is that, “This space is great, but my life is so busy. I just don’t have the time to rest and be present to “what is.” […]

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Selflessness and the Mandala of Pure Perception

By Peter Fenner, Ph.D. The buddhas teach that there is a self, that there is no self, and that there is neither a self nor the absence of a self. Nagarjuna The flower’s perfume has no form, but it pervades […]

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